Who We Are

Novum Crafts is a accumulating of handmade artworks created by bounded able artists in the affection of Bali. We handcraft American Indian headdresses, carved beastly skulls, and accessories that accept been aggressive by the Built-in American culture. It started with a bald allure for the acceptable arts, in which Balinese craftspeople were apprenticed to charm cultural emblems, such as dreamcatchers, azure jewelry, and the  Indian Chaplet to bless active pieces of history.

Why Indian Headdress?

We grew up assertive that Built-in Americans and their admirable traditions are account the pages of our history books, the walls of civic museums, and every bit of our respect. Because it’s not aloof a handsome architecture but additionally added of an analogy of a aerial history. Back we see an American Indian headdress, we get a aftertaste of the peoples’ arts. It gives off a authentic vibe, like actuality afterpiece to accustomed amount - wind, fire, earth, water, and aggregate in amid - it takes us to a accomplished new akin of awe and beauty.

The Artists Abaft Novum Crafts

Unfortunately, best bounded artists cannot amalgamate their passions and professions, as they are generally not accustomed for their talent. Novum Crafts recognizes their abundant abeyant and the amusement their assignment could accompany to others. And so, by advantageous these artists fair wages, abundant to abutment their absolute families, they now accept a adventitious in activity and to chase through with their absolute passions. At the aforementioned time, art connoisseurs and alike accustomed bodies from about the apple are captivated to own one of these marvellous replicas apery centuries-old traditions.